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The gift of good health is the key to enjoyment of life. This gift can be taken from us by the careless act of another. When that happens, we can't turn back the clock. Full and fair compensation is the only available option. Full and fair compensation deters those who would harm our loved ones. Full and fair compensation keeps our communities safe.

Unfortunately, we are all subjected to endless TV plugs for high volume injury lawyers. Athletes are paid to lend credibility to high volume injury firm A. Out of work actors tell us that insurance companies are terrified of high volume injury firm B.

Here's the reality: high volume injury firms need high volume injury clients to pay for bloated ad budgets. If you believe that offers of quick cash settlements are the best way to find lawyers who will get you full and fair compensation, then we may not be your first choice.

Both Doug Keberle and Dan Patrykus are injury lawyers with 30 year track records of success. They are injury lawyers who are respected by judges and lawyers across Wisconsin. Finally, they offer you something that most injury firms cannot - an ironclad guarantee that you will be represented by an injury lawyer with 30 years of experience.

Call us. We'll tell you if you need an injury lawyer. You'll tell us if we're the right injury lawyers for you.

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